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The Incredible Shrinking Bill


The last year saw me balloon in weight and diameter. I went from a relatively-acceptable 240lbs to a hugely porcine-like 279lbs. There are all kinds of reasons for this expansion, but suffice it to say, it sucks having to carry around an additional 16% of me. And when I went riding… once… last year (it was a bad year all the way 'round), I realized I was carrying around two additional bicycles around my waist. So all that money I spent on buying a beautiful sub-20lb, all-carbon Felt F3c (with DuraAce components!)… waisted. (Heh. Waisted. Wasted. Whatever.)

39lbs is two additional bikes. Or one tandem bike, probably with saddlebags, even.

I did what any sensible person would do: I resolved, as of the new year, to lose weight!

But, unlike most of the masses who try this every year, I’m succeeding! I’m down 15lbs! That’s nearly one Trek Madone!

How? Well, I’m exercising at least three times weekly. Granted, I’m not doing a whole lot yet, as I’m just riding the stationary bike and only consuming 300 calories per session, but I’m going to up that significantly as the weather warms and I get the hankerin’ to go out and test my mettle against hills and traffic.

And I’m also watching what I eat. I suspect that’s where the biggest difference has been made. I don’t eat in between meals anymore, and I don’t eat after 7pm, so dinner’s the last thing I shove in my face. (Well, I’ll have a bag of popcorn with a movie occasionally.) As for the alcohol, I’ve decided not to drink much at all, having a martini about once this month, and that even felt sorta’ odd, as if I shouldn’t have been having it. (But it tasted soooo good. And I make a killer appletini, which, of course, isn’t a martini at all but it’s served in that funky glass so it is, for some reason, called a “flavored martini.” Now if I could find a recipe for that Oatmeal Cookie martini that Acqua serves…)

15lbs! Another 1.5ish bikes to go! And then another bike to go to get to my ideal weight (or thereabouts).

Oh, guess I should have mentioned that I’m 6'6" tall, so I don’t look like (insert name of really fat person here).