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In a Brick


My elder son and I were looking at a picture of a memorial brick which has our family’s name on it.

“How do you get ‘in a brick?’” he asked. I explained.

Then my wife said, “Or you can forget to pay Jabba who will hire some bounty hunters to hunt you down and put you in a brick…”

It made my day.

These Kids Argue... Differently


Tonight, the two boys were arguing about who really needed that particular piece of Lego. It started to get ugly when one of the boys said quietly to the other, “This is not the Lego piece you need.” He accompanied his statement with a clockwise hand wave.

The other responded, equally as quietly, with a “This is the piece of Lego that I need.” Also with the hand wave.

And thus ended the argument, with laughter.

T. and I just looked at each other and shook our heads knowingly, wondering if “Wax on, wax off” might apply here, too.

These are the offspring you are rearing…


William on "Dirty Jobs"


As our host, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, described the San Francisco sewage treatment plant, he said, “The sludge is then sent downstream to a digester.”

W.’s comment? “But it’s already digested…”

Perhaps they should have called it a “redigester,” then.

W. on Measurements


Last night we watched How It’s Made and the narrator described a punch press which “applies the weight of four elephants to the die to cut up to four layers of fabric.”

W. mused for a bit and then said, “I wonder if ‘four elephants’ is metric or US Customary…”

I, too, wonder. But not about the elephants.

A Conversation with W.


(I found this in my journal just now—in 2007!—a conversation from June of 2001 when W. was just over three years old.)

Yesterday, the conversation between W. and me went something like this:

Me: You’ll get ice cream with chocolate sauce in a bowl.

W.: In a bowl?

Me: Yes.

W.: No, I’d rather have it in a crunchy bottle.


T.: He means “a cone.”

Two 8-Year-Old Jokes


The 8-year-old in my family created the following jokes:

What do dinosaurs use for electricity?

Extinction cords!

What do shoes like to eat?


I still chuckle…