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Netflix Suddenly Has Profiles



They just showed up on the AppleTV!

When I searched for Pet Supplies Plus in Manchester, CT, I got this as part of Google’s search results:

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 5.28.31 PM.png

They’re cheap, but I’ve never seen a menu…

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 7.45.52 PM.png

Ω The "Say Hey" Verbal Tic


Am I the only person who recognizes and loathes the verbal tic “Say, ‘Hey…’”?

An example:

Bob: So we could get together and say, “Hey, what’s wrong with the part?”

If you notice yourself doing it, you could simply eliminate the entire fictitious dialog.

The example again, improved:

Bob: We could get together and discuss what’s wrong with the part.

It’s about time. These three guys are the hardest-working, most fan-oriented, best musicians in the business.

Since micro-outsourcing refers to small companies who outsource, I hereby introduce the term nano-outsourcing, which refers to when a single worker outsources as this guy did.

Quite frankly, about the only reason the guy should be fired that I can find is because he broke just about every rule in the intellectual property, export control and IT departments’ books. But otherwise…

Conservatives are giving Al Gore a hard time for selling Current TV to the oil barons of Al Jazeera for $500M because it’s hypocrisy. Al’s other real hypocrisies aside (the jet, the mansions, etc.), I think he’s trying to do the right thing by selling the oil barons a steaming pile of nothing+ for $500M.

If he takes their money and gives them nothing in return, hasn’t he helped his so-called “global warming initiative”?

+ I suppose you’ve watched Current TV? No? I rest my case.

Ω Facebook vs. Christmas Letters


I just realized that the Christmas letter (you know what they are: the missives which update you on the activities of a family over the past year) is being replaced by Facebook for Gen X and later.

Dan Frommer points out on SplatF that Time Warner Cable has an app for its own subscribers which allows you to stream TWC onto your TV for the cost of a Roku (about $50). He makes a couple of good observations:

It’s now technically plausible to watch hundreds of channels of TV using Internet Protocol (IP)…

It’s a Big Cable attitude change: Now permitting, not fighting, the idea of streaming TV channels to an actual TV.

But I think he misses the biggest point: how long will it be before competing cable providers begin offering their content to non-subscribers and what will the monopoly carrier be able to do about it? Currently, both Dish and DirecTV provide TV service into monopoly areas, so why couldn’t the cable companies do the same thing?

Ω A Big Dog in My Lap



Spotify and Trojan


I’m no longer listening to Spotify. I used to like it, but today’s heavy rotation of Trojan ads, which are PG-13 at best, has pushed me back to Pandora. Different services, yes, but the ads are much more tolerable on Pandora.

Trojan man? Seriously?!


“Well,” you might say, “the parents of a victim might be entitled to… something… right?”

I’ll save you the clickthrough: The suit is being filed on behalf of a survivor. A physically-uninjured survivor. Because the state “failed to protect Sandy Hook Elementary School from ‘foreseeable harm.’” Though Jill Doe may have “suffered emotional and psychological distress”… $100 million?! Really?

Parents of Jill Doe, why didn’t you use your crystal ball? Because if you didn’t, you’re just as much at fault for sending Jill to school that day.

Just What is This Guy Doing?!


Here’s the caption:

A worker breaks bedrock by sledge hammer as a rotary dredge rips the coal face of the Borodinsky opencast colliery near the Siberian town of Borodino on November 15, 2012….(Ilya Naymushin/Reuters)

Seriously? With a sledge hammer?

Stupid attorney quote of the day on why she lost:

But [attorney Paige Fiedler] said Iowa’s all-male high court, one of only a handful in the nation, failed to recognize the discrimination that women see routinely in the workplace.

Fortunately, the rest of the country has bought into the idea that judges can be fair without necessarily having the same color skin or genitalia as the participants in a lawsuit. (Surely you’ve heard of Brown v. Board of Education and Roe v. Wade?)

You might want to read up on this concept.

Rachel Lucas on the Newtown, CT, shootings:

I want to say “I don’t get it”, but I do get it: this kind of story is great for TV ratings, so it’s given 24/7 coverage. The hundreds of kids getting chemo this afternoon and who are probably going to die agonizing deaths in the next few months aren’t “exciting” and don’t get ratings or Presidential pressers or Tweets from celebrities. The media tells us to be upset about these particular 20 children, therefore we are, because we are well-trained and it feels great to go along with the crowd.

I wish we would realize that there is more to living than the media would have us believe.

I don’t know why we are naming random cloud formations. Has the NWS gotten that bored? Or is this lamestream weather “forecasters” looking for something to spice up the 6pm news?

Oh. (Warning: link to typical liberal website, so I’ll save you the trouble: it’s the latter plus The Weather Channel.)

Blue and I may not agree on anything else (and I’m sure we don’t), but on this we can both agree: naming random cloud formations is just plain dumb.

Because... Accordion!


I don’t know why, either.

The ringing phone at the end makes for the perfect ending.


In today’s USA TODAY, journalist Matt “I’ve seen an iPhone” Krantz says:

Apple’s latest technology defeat at the hands of Google, most recently in the area of maps, is underscoring how the two tech titans are going head-to-head in a tech battle where the stakes loom large.

Unfortunately, he’s unaware that Google and Apple aren’t competing with each other in some “head-to-head tech battle,” and that all of the financial comparisons he then proceeds to make are pointless. Yes, Google seems to think that Apple is battling teh Goog, perhaps because of the patent wars where there is a true battle, but it’s quite clear that the two companies’ focuses are completely different.

Apple sells Hardware, and it makes nearly all of its profit on its hardware. It makes software to sell its hardware. Though Google makes hardware too, it’s not a huge profit center for Google. No, Google makes hardware—and the software it gives away to other hardware manufacturers—to get the Google Information Collecting Machine (my term) into every pair of hands that it can. That’s because Google sells Search.

Similarly, Amazon makes the Kindle and Barnes and Noble has its Nook, but both companies’ main product is Content.

Google sells Search. Apple sells Hardware. There is no competition.

So why can’t journalists and analysts get this through their heads?

Beats me. Perhaps I’ll Google for an answer on my iPhone…

Hug your kids when they get home from school, OK?

As reported here, Hamilton Sundstrand and Goodrich Corporation just merged.

Please call us “Good Ham Sundrich” from now on.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Thanks, Ray.)

(“Competes”? C’mon, guys. Your write for a living…)