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Bad Assumption, Good Outcome


As I was stopped at an eternal red light on my way to work the other morning, I saw two kids in the distance. They’d stoop to pick up something and then hurl it at each other.

In my mind, I flashed back to being about 8 years old, and I was instantly aghast that I was witnessing kid vs. kid cruelty, the kind I could identify with. Emerson and Charlie and I would throw pecans and other tree droppings at each other. It was great fun… for them. I threw… let’s just say they had nothing to fear.

Pretty soon, I drove past them and saw what they were really up to. They were picking up balls and were on opposite sides of a fence. They launched the balls at minor-league pitcher speeds at the fence with the intention of getting the ball stuck in the fence, and I saw one stick in the fence. Success!

What I witnessed transformed itself from cruelty to unbridled joy, the kind of joy that I don’t think I’ve felt since I was a kid.

And I was jealous.

Autogenerated News Fail


Unfortunately, in spite of Google’s Allknowingness®, occasionally even teh Goog gets it wrong.

Really wrong.

From my sister’s iGoogle page today:


Will Obama Have a Body?


That I know of, Doonesbury hasn’t ever represented a US President with a body. Instead, they’ve all been symbols or non-characters (the White House exterior with balloon captions). For example, POTUS George W. Bush is a now-war-torn helmet. (He’s been other things.) Dan Quayle (yeah, I know, he was a Veep) was a feather, presumably a quail feather. George H.W. Bush was a spark. More can be found here.

But now, with this past Sunday’s strip, it appears that Trudeau worshipslikes Obama enough that he may give him a body. Well, legs, at least.

It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.