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New Favorite Amazon Filler Items


Amazon recently raised their free shipping threshold to $35, and that leaves me searching for items between $1 and $10 to pad an order with. A recent gift of Darn Tough Vermont socks has turned this hunt into a no-brainer.

Instead of a useless 5-lb. bag of rubber bands, why not pad your Amazon order with some Darn Tough Vermont Socks? Reasonably-priced, guaranteed forever, and OHMYGOSH! the colors…


See how easy that is?

Be sure to choose socks which are eligible for free shipping, or you don’t do yourself any favors.

Anatomy of a Lego Minifig


We just ordered one of these for Terry’s office. It fits incredibly well with her Lego+Pediatrics theme.


You can order one for yourself from here.

Weather Report For Kids


A great weather report for kids… and adults… from the creator of Add it to your bookmarks bar and the kids have one-click access to what the weather’s going to be.

Damn Cool Pics: Fun With Obama